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  1. You (client) can choose goods while browsing RIDE SHOP website. The basket of goods is formed on the basis of Your choice.
  2. After basket of goods is formed You have to enter data that is needed in order to deliver chosen goods: name, surname, delivery address, telephone number and additional information that may be important for delivery. RIDE SHOP confirms that any data provided will be used exclusively for sales or delivery of goods without violation of requirements for personal data security set in Lithuanian legal acts.
  3. Also You have to choose one of payments forms available at RIDE SHOP. If You have a gift card or promotional code, You should enter it to special marked cell.
  4. The last step generates all Your entered data and must be revised before confirmation. In this step You have an opportunity to correct or change entered data. You cannot confirm Your order until the moment You mark that You are familiar and agree with RIDE SHOP shopping rules.
  5. After You confirm your order it is sent to RIDE SHOP admin. Purchase order is completed only after RIDE SHOP receives a confirmation from the bank You chose or other RIDE SHOP partner about a received payment for ordered goods.
  6. After You place Your order at RIDE SHOP, system automatically generates and sends You a confirmation e-mail.
  7. Then RIDE SHOP receives a confirmation from the bank or other partner that You completed a payment for ordered goods, RIDE SHOP prepares and ships order within 2 working days if all goods are at one shop. If Your goods are not in one place, then we will collect it and ship as soon as possible.
  8. If order is not paid within 2 working days, it is automatically cancelled and goods returns to RIDE SHOP eshop.
  9. Your order is stored in RIDE SHOP database according to requirements and terms set in legal acts of Lithuania and European Union.
  10. In all cases it is considered that You is familiar and unconditionally agree with RIDE SHOP shopping rules before placing an order

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