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  1. RIDE.LT shopping rules are valid when buying in RIDE.LT internet shops www.ride.lt .
  2. RIDE.LT may change shopping rules in its sole discretion and without advance notice. During the process of buying the rules that are valid at the moment of placing an order are applied (a link to the rules can be found near every order).
  3. A client cannot place an order if he did not familiarize himself with RIDE.LT electronic shopping rules. In all cases it is considered that a client is familiar with the rules and agrees with them, if before placing an order he confirms his agreement with the rules by choosing „Agree“. In cases when a client only partly agrees or does not agree with the rules or their part he must not place or withdraw his order, otherwise it is considered that a client is familiar, and fully and unconditionally agrees with all RIDE.LT shopping rules.
  4. RIDE.LT is freed from any kind of responsibility in cases when losses and damage are experienced as a result of client’s failure or inability to follow provided recommendations and his responsibilities, to familiarize himself with shopping rules despite conditions created in order to conclude these actions.

Guarantees and pricing

  1. Characteristics of items are written by each item in RIDE.LT online shop.
  2. RIDE.LT indicates and a client agrees that he is familiar with the fact that goods described in the shop and their color, form and other parameters can be different from their real color, form and other parameters because of monitor’s characteristics.
  3. A client agrees to pay the fee generated after placing an electronic order.
  4. Prices are set in Euros, including VAT.
  5. RIDE.LT sells goods according to conditions set in the order. In case when delivered goods mismatch certain conditions of the order, a client agrees to immediately inform RIDE.LT and RIDE.LT undertakes all needed activities to eliminate defects if they arose on behalf of RIDE.LT or third parties that represent it.
  6. RIDE.LT goods related liabilities:
    1. RIDE.LT is liable of delivering goods of appropriate quality and according to the conditions set in the order.
    2. RIDE.LT is liable of providing the quantity of goods that was set in the order. RIDE.LT is not responsible for delivering incorrect quantity of goods when a client enters incorrect number in his order at RIDE.LT.
    3. In all cases RIDE.LT delivers an assortment of goods according to criteria of the order.
    4. In cases when an order supposes to comprise a certain package of items, RIDE.LT is liable of delivering all items that comprise that package.
    5. Goods are packed according to they characteristics and with an aim to prepare them for a proper use.

Terms and order of payment

  1. A client pays for ordered goods by one of the ways provided at RIDE.LT shop.
  2. A client agrees to pay for ordered goods immediately otherwise he becomes except from the right to lay any claims about violations of delivery terms because a package of goods on the basis of client’s order is formed only after RIDE.LT receives a payment for goods.

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